What is mijin BaaS?

mijin BaaS will save your time to build an environment for a blockchain, and it is a service that enables everyone to use a blockchain in a cloud effortlessly.
Installation in not required.
Minimum only 5 min. to deploy, and a blockchain environment can be built under this user-friendliness service.

mijin v.1 BaaS on Azure

Access to the page "Azure Marketplace 'mijin BaaS on Azure'", and click "Purchase Now"
Check the Service Condition and the Privacy Policy, and click "Continue"
Fill in (or Select) the required information, and click "OK"
5 nodes will be automatically built

Main Features

  • no need of installation
  • 5 nodes are automatically built
  • mijin v.1 will be available with the shortest of 5 minutes
  • the specification and the unit numbers for nodes can be set freely
  • free-of-charge for the first 30-days from the application date
  • billing system in hours of use (1 unit of node 0.65USD per hour)

mijin BaaS(Blockchain as a Service)は、クラウド上で簡単にブロックチェーンを利用できるサービスです。