“mijin v.1” has a track record of providing cutting-edge blockchain technology to over 300 individuals and companies

mijin v.1 BaaS on Azure started on April 26, 2018
mijin v.2 Open-Source Project started on March 26, 2018

What is Mijin?

The father of the Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, bestowed blockchain technology on the world. Mijin is the platform that lets anyone easily create a blockchain on a peer-to-peer network. Permissioned blockchains are useful for storing data within companies or with specific partner companies. Blockchains can create a data-sharing environment with zero downtime, low cost, and high performance. The name Mijin comes from a ninja weapon made from 3 chains that would tear an enemy apart into tiny piece. Mijin similarly destroys the cost of conventional infrastructure. From financial institutions to individual developers, Mijin gives the power of the blockchain to everyone! What is Mijin?

3 Features



Even with regular computer hardware and a geographically dispersed network, Mijin can enable high data transaction throughput.


Data in the blockchain has a cryptographic proof ensuring the identify of the creator and that the data has not been changed. That the blockchain has no downtime also makes it much easier to trust than legacy systems.


The peer-to-peer network already provides for data redundancy, thus special server hardware is not required and cheaper costs can be realized.

Open source Project

The Mijin platform is currently in the beta test phase. In early 2016 a closed test with a business partner will start and in the Summer we hope to release an open source version of the Mijin platform.

Discussion Platform

Talk to and share information with the core development team. Discussion Platform


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Mijin’s Mission

Mijin’s mission is to reduce the costs of financial institutional infrastructure to 1/10th by 2018.

mijin BaaS(Blockchain as a Service)は、クラウド上で簡単にブロックチェーンを利用できるサービスです。